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MacMaster University, Columbia College, and Mohawk College are growing every year.

Over 2200 students currently live off-campus in residences owned by investors who have no affiliation with the schools, the city, or any organized investment company.

ROI's are in the 4-8% range for a 5 year investment, though you will require minimum 20% down in order to get financing.

There are currently
31 student homes available to buy. To view them, send us your email. We'll not only send you these immediately, but we'll also let you know every time a new one comes up for sale...the same day it's listed.

Investing in Student Housing:
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Hamilton is Ontario's #1 investment city

Should I buy a house closer or farther away from McMaster?

Is timing important when buying and selling student homes?

Why the only city-sponsored off campus residence doesn't work

What does the typical process of buying a student

home look like?
Why Student Housing is such a great investment...
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