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Hamilton Home Review

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These are the new rules implemented by Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau in the last couple of years.  When they first introduced these rules to the public, there was a huge outcry from the small business community.

They had since made some amendments and now these new tax rules are in effect.
This is a question I am constantly asked. Recently, I've been giving investors a more qualified answer:
We are currently in the slowest market since 2015, due to a balanced market, low inventory, and little incentive for owners to sell (see article attached).

But that means the savvy investor is set to get a solid deal. Not a bargain, but a good buy. Prices are close to what they should be and sales reflect "close to asking price" sales. Everyone is looking at the same homes and as a result, prices have stabalized. Despite the lack of bidding wars (because people know they don't have to go over list to get a solid buy), good, duplexable homes are selling about $5,000 below list. In a balanced market that's a good deal.
Read on to see why the market is a little chilly. more
Where to find Ontario's best student housing
Few real estate investors arenít sweet on student housing, and for good reason, but which regions in Ontario have the most to offer?

The owner of Strauss Investments says cities with satellite schools are a good net because of their small but concentrated markets.  more
This is a unique property in that it's fairly new. It's also a raised ranch. This means we spend a little money on creating a separate entrance, but the reward is bigger rooms throughout.

Upstairs is completely renovated including a kitchen with an island. Downstairs is finished but not a self-contained unit. It needs another wall for a second bedroom and a kitchen. Estimate $30,000 all in to create a legal duplex.
What does 10X really mean?
Suite Additions resource
This month we feature yet another of Andy Tran's videos about creating second suites. For more info and to utilize his resources
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Thanks Andy for all your advice!